Mahaguthi Craft with Conscience is a Fair Trade Organization which produces, markets and exports Nepalese crafts. Mahaguthi serves both the domestic and international markets and has two shops based in the Kathmandu Valley. Our organization represents the efforts of more than one thousand individual producers, fifty percent of whom are from remote and mountainous areas. Many of our producers are women who are given the chance to employ traditional skills in their own homes, thus enabling them to generate extra income. In addition, some 40 percent of the income generated by our organization provides women and children of the Tulsi Mehar Mahila Ashram with training, food, shelter, clothing, health care and education.


Adhering to the Fair Trade values and principles, we provide technical, social and financial services to underprivileged target groups, especially women, and sell their handicraft to domestic and international markets.



  • Promote micro enterprises through backward and forward linkages
  • Build capacities of small artisans and groups to improve their level of performance both in terms of quality and quantity
  • Promote traditional culture, art and artisans by means of developing new products with traditional skills and resources
  • Lobby, advocate, practice and promote fair trade for sustainable trade development


  • Purchasing goods from our store
  • Promoting our products both, domestically as well as internationally
  • Informing friends, relatives and business people about us
  • Giving us the information about prospective buyers, and
  • Supporting our endeavor to advocacy and lobby about fair trade issues