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Business Getting Difficult

Dear customers, partners and friends,

The World is facing difficult time in the history. Raise of massive unemployment, Global recession, political instability in regions followed by terrorist attacks, all making every one's life in difficult and danger. We in Nepal are not unaffected by the situation.

Mahaguthi experiencing toughest challenge of this time. Even we are small and don't make much difference in global trading, the recession has made the difference in out business. Dropping of sales from trading partners and intensive pressure on price makes business difficult.

At home, the situation is even worse! More than eight hours of power cut hindering daily operation. Many business are operating in 40% capacity due to the power crisis. Our daily communication with our trading partners have been affected, being not able to respond on time due to lack of electricity during working hours, morning, day and night; 8 hours!!

The producers are delaying their delivery commitments as they virtually are helpless. Due to political, economic and social insecurity skilled people are migrating abroad looking for better opportunity. Many producer groups are finding difficulties to find the skill hands. It also affecting their as well as our business.

In this difficult situation, we request our trading partners, customers and welshers to support us in any way you can. Your understanding of situation and wishes will undoubtedly boost our moral.

Thank you very much for your patience and please pray for us!